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  • From the Ground Up: An Interview with Ālia’s Matt Pakkala

    From the Ground Up: An Interview with Ālia’s Matt Pakkala

    Luxurious and sustainable, thoughtful and elegant, Ālia represents a new high water mark in Honolulu. Recently, on a windy spring afternoon, we sat down with Ālia’s Matt Pakkala to discuss how the residence artfully melds form with function and learn more about the building’s inspired approach to...

  • Gardens in the Sky

    Gardens in the Sky

    For the vast stretch of human existence, nature was an integral part of daily life. The land provided for us, and humanity flourished. But, somewhere along the way, we lost that connection. As we progressed, we moved indoors, and we built larger and more complex cities, slowly severing the connection between ourselves...

  • Wonderfully Walkable

    Wonderfully Walkable

    It’s a Saturday morning and Kaka‘ako’s colorful streets are buzzing with activity. To your left, you spot a small group of friends mural hunting through the vast collection of neighborhood art, taking selfies in front of their favorite pieces. To your right, a group of runners politely shuffles past a large family...

  • Naturally at Home

    Naturally at Home

    As founder and principal behind The Vanguard Theory, an award-winning interior design firm based in Honolulu, Michelle Jaime has the uncanny ability to create authentic visions of Hawai‘i that feel both contemporary and nostalgic. At Ālia, Michelle and her savvy team of designers breathe life into common areas and...

  • Connected to the Past, Designed for Tomorrow

    Connected to the Past, Designed for Tomorrow

    With a deep reverence for those that came before, we pay homage to the history of this land through our name, Ālia, Hawaiian for salt bed. Long before Western contact, this stretch of Honolulu coastline was home to an intricate system of salt beds that sustained life both far and wide. Culturally, salt was considered a...

  • Exterior of building with boats and ocean view

    Kobayashi Group’s Alia Receives HCDA Approval

    The Hawaii Community Development Authority has approved plans for Alia, The Kobayashi Group's luxury residential condominium development planned for 888 Ala Moana Blvd., it was announced Wednesday. Kamehameha Schools in March selected the Kobayashi Group to redevelop a block in Our Kakaako, its mixed-use,...

  • Exterior of entire building

    Kobayashi Group Selected To Develop Block I Ālia, Mixed-Use Development

    The Kobayashi Group has been selected to develop Block I in the vibrant urban community of Our Kakaʻako. The project name, Ālia, is the latest mixed-use development in Kamehameha Schools’ (KS’) Kaiāulu ‘o Kaka‘ako master planned community. Ālia is the Hawaiian word for salt bed and represents the salt flats...