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Finding Flow

For millennia, Chinese scholars have practiced Feng Shui, a detailed system dedicated to channeling energy, or chi, through space. Based on the lunar calendar, the approach categorizes the world in five elements: fire, earth, wood, metal, and water. Proper alignment of these elements forms a natural path for chi to flow. A basic hierarchy of the elements sees earth conquering water, water conquering fire, fire conquering metal, and metal conquering wood.

Grand Cabana

Despite its Eastern origin, Feng Shui’s influence can now be seen globally, shaping the design of homes and offices worldwide. Through a careful understanding of each project they undertake, Feng Shui practitioners aim to create a sense of harmony between the five elements using a variety of techniques.

Following these time-honored principles, the Ālia design team collaborated with Feng Shui Master Clarence Lau. Upon his research, which included a meticulous reading of the land and building designs, Master Lau recommended a series of subtle shifts to ensure balance and alignment.

Water elements were designed to face in the proper direction, landscaping was developed to protect energy from leaving the residence, and metal elements were even placed on the back wall of the parking garage to symbolize precision, strength and clarity. Our residential floor plans were also carefully studied to ensure that each room and entryway were optimized to promote a state of flow.

Adult Pool

“Our commitment to detail is what sets us apart,” says Alana Kobayashi Pakkala, Executive Vice President of Kobayashi Group. “Because Ālia is designed to work with nature at every turn, ensuring a flow of elements through the residence using Feng Shui felt like the natural next step.”

With the world often feeling chaotic, Feng Shui reminds us that we can transform our surroundings to ensure a sense of balance. By embracing these time-honored principles throughout our design, Ālia is thoughtfully fashioned to optimize flow, giving us all room to breathe, prosper, and thrive in the coming year.