To create a tower that is both mindful of the environment and the residential experience, leading architects, designers, and environmental experts aligned. From the residence’s physical structure to the captivating interiors and landscaping, Ālia is destined to become an icon in the city for generations to come.

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Kobayashi Group

Alana Kobayashi Pakkala
Managing Partner & EVP

Alana Kobayashi Pakkala exudes optimism as she stands before Honolulu’s captivating skyline. As Managing Partner, Executive Vice President, and one of the third-generation members leading Hawai‘i’s premier luxury developer, Kobayashi Group, Alana effortlessly blends work with family. If you were to ask Alana, she’d be quick to tell you that it’s all been a labor of love, and while she is eager to reminisce about growing up in Honolulu and some of her favorite Kobayashi Group projects, it’s the company’s latest endeavor, Ālia, that gets her heart racing. Meaningful, thoughtful, and artfully designed to meet the needs of tomorrow, Ālia represents an opportunity to create a community that will not only enhance the lives of residents but also set a new standard for inspired living.

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Lead Architect

WRNS Studio

Adam Woltag
Design Partner & Architect

Curious and committed to crafting a sustainable future, Adam Woltag, Design Partner and architect at WRNS Studio, has taken Ālia’s initial vision to new heights. Regarded for his keen ability to create functional structures that feel like works of art, all the while remaining mindful of the environment, Adam is reshaping the city skyline into something that we can all be proud of for generations to come.

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Interior Designer

The Vanguard Theory

Michelle Jaime

As president and creative director of the award-winning, Honolulu-based interior design firm The Vanguard Theory, Michelle Jaime is regarded for her keen eye and her innate ability to bring a fresh, authentic perspective to her work. By effortlessly weaving contemporary design and storytelling with a place-based approach, Michelle creates a world inspired by nature and the history of the land, brought to life with a modern aesthetic.

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Art Curator

Kelly Sueda

An internationally renowned art curator and ambassador of Hawai‘i’s creative community, Kelly Sueda understands the power of public art. By situating works from both local and international artists alike in common areas and unexpected spaces, Sueda creates artistic focal points within the property, elevating the everyday living experience of residents.

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Heyer & Associates Sales Team

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