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The Perfect Day

For this Father’s Day, we’ve imagined a perfect day in the life at Ālia, starring Dad. From an early morning surf session to lounging by the pool to an impromptu pickleball game—we’ve crafted an ideal 24 hours with the ‘ohana.

Dawn Patrol Surf Session

It’s 7 a.m. on a sunny Honolulu morning. Knowing a new swell was set to arrive overnight, you made plans for a family dawn patrol session at Courts, one of the many waves located across the street from Ālia. Thanks to the residence’s ground floor surf-storage lockers, everything you need is ready to go. As a family, you paddle through the famed turquoise waters, beyond the reef, and into the surf. The forecast was right: It’s 2 to 3 feet, gentle, and absolutely magical. For almost an hour, the family takes turns catching waves, setting the stage for what will become an unforgettable day.

Brunch at Home, Mid-Day Lounge by the Pool

Following your surf session, the family heads back home to Ālia for brunch. You recently stocked up on fresh fruit at the Kaka‘ako Farmer’s Market and Mom has opted to make apple banana pancakes—your favorite. Since you’ve moved in, the entire family has found themselves spending more time in the kitchen. Thanks to the Gaggenau lineup of appliances, everyone feels like a professional chef. The open floor plan makes it easy to mix, prep, and move through the space. After the meal, the family agrees it would be nice to lounge by the pool. Thankfully, you reserved a cabana the night before and quickly set up shop, relishing the sunny skies overhead with a refreshing beverage. Over the laughter of your children swimming in the pool, your wife reflects on what a smart choice it was to move to Ālia. You can’t help but agree.

Swimming pool and sun deck amenity

Off to the Gym

After a few hours, the kids need downtime, but you’re still eager to seize the day. You decide on a workout, starting with a brisk run around Magic Island. Completing the mile in under 8 minutes, a personal record, you head back to Ālia for strength training at the state-of-the-art fitness center. The space offers a curated collection of exercise equipment for all lifestyles. On your way, a staff member greets you with a smile and wishes you a happy Father’s Day. You return the smile, contemplating how living at Ālia feels akin to residing in a five-star hotel.

Man exercising with medicine ball at gym

Pickleball for the Win

After your workout, you head home. As it turns out, the family is ready for one more adventure–an impromptu game of pickleball. Together you head back to the sixth floor to Ālia’s private court. While there are a few spirited rallies, by the end of the second game, Mom has shown just why she’s the undisputed champion once again. After the game, you remind the family that you all have dinner reservations in under an hour at one of your favorite restaurants, MW.

Person playing pickleball

An Unforgettable Dinner

Located just a quick drive from Ālia, dinner at MW is always a family treat. Led by renowned chefs Wade Ueoka and Michelle Karr-Ueoka, the restaurant showcases a regionally inspired menu featuring the freshest island fare. From appetizers to dessert, every bite is a celebration of Hawai‘i’s palate. You all agree that it was an out-of-this-world meal and the miso honey-glazed butterfish was next-level delicious. Stuffed and beaming with happiness, you make your way back to Ālia, taking a moment on your way to let the magic of the evening sink in.

Dinner table with dishes of food

Today was, by all accounts, a truly perfect day.