Living 808 Interview with Alana Kobayashi

KHON’s Living808 Discusses Design and Sustainability with Ālia

Last week, several members of the Ālia team had the pleasure of sitting down with KHON’s Living808 in a series of interviews. Over the course of five days, we discussed the future of sustainable design, Kobayashi Group’s history, community building, and the importance of working with nature.

Watch the Interviews:

A History of Serving Hawai`i

Alana Kobayashi Pakkala
EVP and Managing Partner, Kobayashi Group

Living 808 - Alana Kobayashi Pakkala

The Next Evolution of Luxury

Matt Pakkala
Director of Luxury Projects, Heyer & Associates

Living 808 - Matt Pakkala

Connection to Nature and Community Building

Brendan Bradley and Rich Erickson
Ālia Sales Team

Living 808 - Brendan Bradley and Rich Erickson

Thoughtfully Designed

Michelle Jaime
Principal/Founder, The Vanguard Theory

Living 808 - Michelle Jaime

Future of Sustainable Architecture

Adam Woltag
Architect/Partner, WRNS Studios

Living 808 - Adam Woltag

We were thrilled to connect with the team at KHON and share Ālia’s evolutionary approach to luxury to sustainable design.