Amenity Deck

Gardens in the Sky

For the vast stretch of human existence, nature was an integral part of daily life. The land provided for us, and humanity flourished. But, somewhere along the way, we lost that connection. As we progressed, we moved indoors, and we built larger and more complex cities, slowly severing the connection between ourselves and the outside world. A testament to our reliance on the built environment, a recent study estimated that many of us spend almost 90 percent of our time inside. It doesn’t take more than a quick glance at a cubicle-lined office soaked in the dim glow of fluorescent lighting to understand how much damage this lifestyle must have on our mental health.

However, this doesn’t have to be the way forward. Research has also shown that when we surround ourselves with nature, we tend to become our happiest, healthiest selves. Brimming with life and awash in green, nature is always within reach for residents of Ālia. As the most sustainable luxury high-rise developed in Hawai‘i, our inspired residence represents a new step forward. By incorporating nature at every step, Kobayashi Group’s careful consideration to detail ensures that the tower will remain forever lush, welcoming, and inviting. In our garden-like setting perched above Kaka‘ako, homeowners of our one-, two-, and three-bedroom homes will feel as if they live in a private, lush ecosystem overlooking the city.

While incorporating green space and various plants into the built environment is hardly new, in recent years, working with nature at a holistic level has become increasingly popular among leading designers. Under the banner of biophilia (essentially a love of lifeforms) visionary architects have begun creating spaces that not only work to include nature, but rather place it on a pedestal—just like you’ll find at Ālia. Erich Fromm, a 20th-century psychologist coined the term to describe humanity’s psychological attraction to other forms of life. Other research has added merit to Fromm’s findings, with one study showing that employees who work around nature are 15 percent happier and 6 percent more productive.

At Ālia, we’ve worked closely with leading local landscape designers Brownlie & Lee to bring our grounds to life and to usher the outside in. Under their careful planning, Ālia’s abundant green spaces, great lawn, and sprawling collections of native plants will be used to create spaces that actively work to benefit the health and well-being of residents and guests. With a sense of harmony between nature and the built environment, Ālia represents a new high water mark in Honolulu, allowing residents and nature to thrive as one.