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Always with Aloha

While Park Lane may be renowned for its beauty, ask any resident and they’ll be quick to tell you that its true allure lies in its gracious staff. Leading the residence’s hospitality efforts is General Manager, Gerald Nakashima. Kind, warm, and welcoming, his approach stems from decades spent in the hotel industry.

Drawing from his extensive experience, Gerald sought to collaborate with the staff to foster greater unity under a shared goal of providing superior service to residents. “Creating an exceptional residential experience is about more than just one element—it’s the culmination of various factors coming together. Hospitality, food and beverage, they all play a part in creating something greater than the sum of its parts. It’s the collective experience that makes the difference,” Gerald explains.

A crucial component of Park Lane’s success lies in the brand culture and environment within the residence. Gerald firmly believes in treating the staff as well as they treat the residents. He emphasizes, “When the staff feels valued and appreciated, they engage with the residents on a deeper, more authentic level. People genuinely feel the sense of aloha that we have here. It’s real.”

For Gerald, success means always living up to our highest ideals and constantly striving for improvement. This mindset aligns perfectly with the values of Kobayashi Group. “I believe that there’s always something we can learn and improve upon. We can always strive to do better. It’s about fine-tuning and ensuring consistency across the whole staff,” Gerald enthusiastically shares. “Plus, progress is what makes work fun. We love what we do, and I think when you have that, it’s only natural to seek improvements.”

What sets Gerald apart is not only his unwavering commitment to the residents but also his deep appreciation for the people he works with. Whether it’s helping set up for a dinner party in the Private Dining Room, lending a hand to a staff member during a busy event, or simply checking in on the home of an out-of-town owner, Gerald’s dedication knows no bounds.

With a genuine passion for offering exceptional service, we’re building upon Gerald’s knowledge to create an extraordinary environment and home for residents of Ālia. Embracing age-old traditions of warmth and respect, our aim is to elevate the residential experience and to foster a harmonious connection rooted in the spirit of aloha.